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The Spirit of Independent Gaming
Art Collaboration Thread!
Even the Ocean (Behind the Art series started!) OUT NOW!
Poi, a 3D Adventure Platformer for PC, Mac, Linux
Greyhound Manager
Aquaria = under-valued next-gen property?
Teslagrad: Magnetic-based steampunk sidescroller. Now heading to consoles!
Balding's Quest: Level Design
Worst Game Ideas Ever
TIGRS - The indie ratings?
10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School
The Unfinished Game/Demo Dump
Bitesize Wars - Multiplayer mini RTS - (Windows, mac, linux)
[PS4] SCORE RUSH EXTENDED 撃点 - 4-Player Shmup - LAUNCHED MAY 31, 2016!
Jack the Reaper
Post Your Experiences with Publishers
pixel art recognition
Daughters of the Void [ded]
U-Head -- YET another mockup (20.08)
GTA IV Trailer
Project Rain World
Book on Game Feel
The Walled Garden (Inspired by SMB, N+ and Metroid)
The Network of Mighty TIG Artists!
Space Chunks!!!
Hyper Light Drifter
The animation thread
Here Be Dragons
Liero -- The TIGSource Post
IRKALLA - Looking for programmers
MOVED: Tyrian tilesets and ships now available
2D artist (pixel/illustration) would try his hand at something manageable
sex drugs and videogames.
Slick Pixels and Lush Illustrations!
TIGForum Renditions! (current subject: Agrias Oaks!)
♜ SilverQuest: Gaiden ♜ Now on Steam ▧
Ultima Ratio Regum - roguelike/Borges/Eco, v0.7 released!
April Foolery
How to Start an Indie Game Business (WIP)
Deep Dungeons of Doom
WARBITS - Classic Turn-Based Strategy
The MarioToo Flash/Wiimote API
TIGSanta - Reception Time!
Awesome Street Fighter Stuff
Everybody's Free to Develop Roguelikes!
blood, sweat and tears.
Mechanical Psycho [FAIL]
The Ablative Case
TIGer Paint
Jawesome Shark Ripoffs
So what are you working on?
Couple of games I've been working on
Jelly Escape
Gearbolt Rage Redux *+Screenshot*
Stellar Arms / [anuStar] - retro styled run n gun -
Symbian Hell
Alien Trophy Hunter
Theme Thursday (Music Challenge)
Interest in new, NES-style games?
Tutorial: 2d Terrain generator for worms style game
The Salvage | A lonely death on a bitter planet.
The random shape filling thread. [ROUND 6]
Ode to a Forum
I got a big problem with msn messenger
Spell Team Death Match - 2D PvP Chaos
Vagante Alpha 8 Demo
Archo - Simple block-shifting puzzle game
Broken Knuckles
Keo Bun - 2D Artist / Animator
ASCIIPaint and WEPaint
Spiderling! Old title: Spider and friends
What does your physical workspace look like?
Chasm [2d action-rpg platformer]
Edery on Good Demos
Contest: Convince me to buy your game
Today I created...
Something you JUST did thread
Atmospheric Games (image heavy!)
Leilani's Island
Prometheus's Game Design Preferences
Ever heard of Perplex City?
Good Character Map Editors? (Kanji advice?)
Developer Tools (WIP)
tigsource draws robots
Oryx - LOFI Fantasy 2D/3D [FINAL]
[WIP] Dungelot : Shattered Lands [ Announced on E3 ]
THROWMAN (a collaboration between blademasterbobo and john sandoval)
US Indie Games Competitions
MOVED: MarioToo: A Free WiiMote API for Flash
The Rules of Engagement
Cortex Command
Wanderer - Lo-fi Sci-fi Adventure RPG
Bushes, online 2p game
Flotsam: A survival building sim in a flooded world
Tyrian tilesets and ships now available
SANTRIA! A quirky 2D-JRPG inspired by Earthbound and Twin Peaks
Hall of Fame for Games Featuring Outstanding Pixel Art
GIFs of games being worked on
Badass art styles
The Blackwell Legacy
Mount Drash: The Roguelike
The Great Whale Road: Steam Early Access
Beta Testers
Interstellaria. Space sim. LIVE ON STEAM!
CRAWL: arcade dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters
Doodles Thread
DumbWarrior 2.0
SOMERVILLE - A Sci-fi Adventure
Environmental Station Alpha [Big update coming 10/18!]
Screenshot ▸Saturday◂
Beautiful fails.
The Marriage
Welcome to SMF!
15 years of Pixel Art on my TUMBLR !!
The Worst Devlog In The World
Witch Princess
Dystopia quickie
Tikotep Adventure - [PLAYABLE DEMO] - 2D adventure platformer
Cogmind (sci-fi robot-themed roguelike) - BETA RELEASED
The Curious Expedition
Assemblee: Part 1!
Where's my damned arsecast?!
A Kitty Story
Show us your level design
Starshock, a retro-esque arcade shooter
Best 3D game feel?

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